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Welcome to The Training Academy!

We're revolutionising the social care industry. As a passionate care training provider, we ensure the best training, to help produce the best staff, who raise the game of the care industry, and take well deserved pride in what carers do!

We've helped change the lives of many, and are the only accredited care provider with Community Interest Status, highlighting our commitment to a cause much bigger than us alone. As a not-for-profit, we not only look after others through our market-leading care services, but also train other care providers using our best-in-class practices through accredited training courses. 


Are made from first class training

With over 30 years experience, our team are at the forefront of change. We know that first class care comes from first class staff, and first class staff come from first class training. That's where we come in...


Everything you need to get started!

Training Courses & Services

We've got everything you need to get out into the community and keep up to date with latest practice. From manual handling to service principles, it's all covered.

Room & Facilities Hire

From a classroom setting to a home simulation,you can hire our facilities to complete your own training, using our COVID friendly space, and latest equipment. 


We provide FREE training to unpaid carers, have tackled 3 pro bono cases, not to mention the times we've gone out of our way for our care clients!.We love what we do, and do it with pride!


We're the only care business with Community Interest Status, meaning - we are in this for all the right reasons! We've helped give people a voice, and bring a sense of family to all.


People always come first. Wellbeing comes first. We;re not for profit for a good reason, we love what we do. We don't make promises we can't keep,  we'll always be up front.


What others have to say about us


What others have to say about us

Sue - Training Manager

"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the training and the carers afterwards. Thank you, amazing!"

Rachel - Carer

"It was so refreshing to see such passionate people changing lives of many. The training was fantastic!"

Keith - Nurse & Trainer

"A huge step above the rest, and here to make serious changes. Love the Academy and it's facilities!"

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